Sunday, January 15, 2017

Kotlin Properties and the Vaadin 8 BeanBinder

Vaadin 8 (currently in beta) comes with a whole new DataBinding API that makes heavy use of the Java 8 Lambda Features.

Unfortunately Java has no concept of a Property, so one of the new ways to bind a Bean Property is writing something like (Taken from the documentation):

binder.bind(nameField, Person::getName, Person::setName);

Since Kotlin has a concept for a property you may want to write something like:


Thats possible with an extension method for the Vaadin Binder that could probably look like this:

fun <BEAN, T> Binder.BindingBuilder<BEAN, T>.bind(prop: KMutableProperty<T>) {
            ValueProvider { bean: BEAN -> },
            Setter { bean: BEAN, v: T ->, v) })

Have fun with Kotlin & Vaadin!

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