Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moving from Hibernate to EclipseLink - some first impressions

Generally spoken, it has been some work to remove all the non JPA Hibernate stuff from the code before I could even compile with eclipselink. Typically these have been Cache Annotations (Which I will now need from Eclipselink, standard is poor in this area). And I had some usages of ScollableResult that I had to remove. Hibernate seemed to apply some more defaults than EclipseLink does. I had to add @Temporal to my Date fields, when Hibernate was happy with a plain Date. For the queries I had to touch almost all of them adding aliases, where hibernate was happy without. (select from Class c where vs. select from Class where name) All in all it took me about a day for a project with around 100 Queries and 50 Domain Objects. Now I am investigating the Mutlti-Tenancy features of eclipselink, think I will give some feedback when I got feedback on my bugzillas :)