Sunday, April 14, 2013

Consuming emf bundles from p2 with maven : b3

Some of the eclipse libraries are not so thightly bound to OSGi and lately I wanted to use EMF in a grails project. It came to me that there are no current maven artifacts available for EMF, so I had to roll my own.

Asking stackoverflow, I first tried to re-jar the bundles with tycho, but that gave me all the OSGI-deps in one jar, what wasn't what I was looking for. After reding through some discussions around maven and p2 in the eclipse bugzilla, I noticed that b3 has the capability to mirror a p2 repository in a maven compliant layout.

As I wanted to use the xsd to ecore converter I created a aggregation for the xsd sdk
notice the maven config at the end of the aggregator tag.

Then I uploaded it to google drive, so that I can consume the repo from heroku build. One major drawback is, that the source bundles are not maven conformant, so that attaching them automagically won't work.

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Johannes Utzig said...

You can also do this with
This also doesn't support source bundles but I forked the plugin to enable this.
Using the fork, the plugin converts all source bundles to source classifiers that are attached to the main artifact.

With that

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