Saturday, July 28, 2012

RAP UI Testing

These days I'm evaluating UI testing methods for RAP Applications. I made some nice progress with a commercial tool called QF-Test. It has a click recording functionality, and works like a charm with the WidgetUtil.CUSTOM_WIDGET_ID way that rap offers to generate custom ids for the controls. It's really easy to setup, and seems to have no problems with the rap ui so far. I allows groovy/jython scripting and is able to evaluate JavaScript expressions on the dom under test. I am really happy that I finally can get up some ui tests quite easily. Plus I have to say that the folks at QF-Test took great care of getting me started with my evaluation license, +1 for their support.

This screenshot of a recorded Sequence is german, but it should be understandable (Klick means Click :)

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