Monday, February 27, 2012

Playing with RAP 1.5

Last weekend I started to try my RCP based app on a RAP1.5 target platform. Of sure I had to make some changes, most annoyingly I had millions of toolkit.paintBordersFor that isn't implemented in RAP. I could make the Nebula Gallery widget work with some restrictions. I still have some headache with the CkEditor integration as the RAP Browser does no Events. But I think with some hints from the community I can make this out. It started quite as an experiment, but after some 20 hours I now can get a feeling that I can make everything work.


Karsten said...

Hi, I'm also using RAP 1.5 plus CKEditor ( and in my production environment I'm using mod_proxy. Have you been able to use the CKEditor behind an Apache web server? Currently I'm not able to see the editor in my production environment. (Local direct testing without mod_proxy works well.)

Maybe you have an answer for my issue.



Thomas Kratz said...

Hi Karsten I had to play a little with leading slashes on the urls I think it worked fine without them.