Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's release time. First e4 based version is out.

Actually our latest Buchmanager 1.8.0 release is based on the M7 milestone of the 4.1 Eclipse SDK. Looking at my posts I saw that I had the first launch of our 3.x based code on the 4.1 platform back in November 2010. So let's say it took me half a year to make it work. The e4 team did a great job and really took care of all the bugs I reported, they even invented new gem features for me (for e.g. opening a ViewPart in the shared area) which caused even more bugs to haunt. Half a year is not the whole truth, of course I did implement new features too.

First reaction of our beta testers was: Fresh and polished UI. They really like it.

That's what the users see. To me it was taking my existing application over to the new platform without any changes in the existing code and getting all the bright new stuff from the e4 application platform.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Placing a ViewPart in the EditorArea

Thanks to tedious investigation and great support from Remy I managed to open a 3.x ViewPart in the shared area with the compat layer on e4. Just use ...editorss and relation="stack" for your contribution as you would do with any other location. But beware that this won't be backward compatible anymore.

This gave me the possibility to rethink my whole UI structure without having to change a line of code, just some changes in the contributions.

Btw the compat layer is great, it truly makes sense to me to move to the e4 platform with any RCP product you may have and then incrementally make use of the new features. The e4 people managed to make our investment safe for the future of eclipse.