Sunday, January 2, 2011

E4 not ready for production?

I spent some time experimenting with technology, including virgo and e4 as a platform for my project over the last couple of months. Building a new release yesterday I had to step back on Eclipse 3.6 because of some small but annoying issues with the compatibility layer on e4. There where still some problems with the workbench selection and the visibility to toolbar/menu contributions. However I have to say that the e4 team was "mostly always" glad seeing me open some new bugs I found, but all in all I decided not to deliver on the new platform and give it some more time to become mature. But at least I included the e4 styling engine to give me some control over fonts. I use lots of UI Forms and I found it not easy to get a good color styling, but I guess I've read thats out of scope for the styling eninge, bad for me. Still have to open another bug for the splash handlers that don't seem to work on e4, but I guess that will not be the most important one to fix :)


Tom said...

Keep up with these good bug reports we really appreciate them. 4.0 exactly had the focus to bring people like you on board and help us finding all those nifty problems.

Thomas Kratz said...

I'll stay tuned. Hope that I can build my next release on e4 at least :)

Lars Vogel said...

Thanks for your testing of the compatibility layer in an RCP context. This will help us all.