Friday, October 22, 2010

What if we had EMF persistence on Datanucleus

One thing that keeps me away from EMF is that I'm so used to hibernate persistence and good old java beans. You may rant on that. But I have a look at Teneo and CDO from time to time, things keep getting better.

But think of if we had something like CDO running on Datanucleus ? It will give us the power we need for EMF in the cloud. Theres support for googles app engine and the new VMForce PAAS will be running Datanucleus to. I would defintively be thinking about using VMForce if I had a EMF persistence solution like CDO running inside.

If I only had more time... Maybe theres something like this out there and I just haven't heard of it ?


andy said...

Teneo used to support JPOX (predecessor to DataNucleus) actually. Maybe the fact that Eclipse is so tied to Oracle now, and that they have (Oracle) EclipseLink was an influence in the decision to not upgrade it to DataNucleus? ;-) Perhaps in their SVN there are the original JPOX-support files that could be used as a start point.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was a pity to drop jpox support. There was just no time/resources to also maintain it.
However, there is a solution also for using EMF in standard ORM tools: the Texo project ( It combines EMF concepts with generating true java pojos which can be persisted using standard ORM tools (like JPOX), without the need of custom runtime layers such as Teneo or CDO.
Texo supports code generation from EMF models, XML/XMI serialization, test data generation, ORM xml generation, and runtime model support.

gr. Martin