Friday, October 15, 2010

Technology implications on architecture and design

I have been in love with eclipse for a while because I love the architecture and I got used to the productiveness working on the platform.

I remember coaching an architect on RCP technology a while ago. He had several ideas what he wanted to do, came up with UI wireframe sketches and asked me how to do this and that. From his sketches I guessed that he had no idea about the technology he was going to use. He wanted to have widgets that don't exists in SWT/JFace and many other things I refuse to remember exactly.

Thats what I so often hated : Having no clue about technology, paying big money for a consultant to solve their problems.

Technology has always implications on architecture and design of an application. But so many times those who decide on technology don't have a clue about what they're deciding on.

If you don't have someone with a "masters degree" in mastering your technology keep away from it.

I see so many projects suffering from code and architecture smells simply because a lack of mastership.

As Ed Merks told me: Never stop striving for leadership and quality.

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