Monday, August 16, 2010

Going smooth with p2

I have to admit that I really had a hard time making p2 do what I wanted it to do. But all the fight was worth it in the end.  From the last buchmanager release ( on I was able to push out silent client updates whenever I needed to do some minor fixes. No need to inform users to get a new version of the client anymore, as they would pull the updates magically on startup. I now started dreaming of updating the server in the same manner, but as this always goes with database changes it will be a greater effort. So I keep that in mind when the userbase grows in the future this is something to think of seriously.


Alb said...

Hi! I'm having a nightmare trying to get to the same type of updates working for my client app. No matter what I do i can't get the client to fetch an update. Can I ask what you have in your p2.inf file?

I've posted more details of my problem in a question on stackoverflow:

Thomas Kratz said...

I added a sample to your question on stackoverflow. Just publishing the feature wont work with the UpdateOperation as it looks for the product IU.

Alb said...

Thanks for your time! I added a couple of comments to your answer over there but also made some progress and at least now have an error message to to go on. I've posted the details of that to the p2 dev list: