Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Building websites with Joomla

I'm a software engineer, not a web designer. But I found it quite easy to build two websites with Joomla last week. So to say I used an open template with some modifications, PHP is easy to understand I guess. Only to magae these css styles for the joomla template made me sick sometimes. The sites are both german, if you want to have a look go to:
Eiswind Software and Buchmanager Verlagssoftware

Monday, August 16, 2010

Going smooth with p2

I have to admit that I really had a hard time making p2 do what I wanted it to do. But all the fight was worth it in the end.  From the last buchmanager release (www.buchmanager.com) on I was able to push out silent client updates whenever I needed to do some minor fixes. No need to inform users to get a new version of the client anymore, as they would pull the updates magically on startup. I now started dreaming of updating the server in the same manner, but as this always goes with database changes it will be a greater effort. So I keep that in mind when the userbase grows in the future this is something to think of seriously.