Saturday, May 15, 2010

PDE build ate my feature

Having my way back to p2 after it should be stable now, I started off building a repository for my product, thats made up of three features. However one of the features was mising in the repository for a reason I don't know. I double checked everything and ended up moving the plugins from the missing feature to one of the features that where working. Thats no prblem as I always wnated to do that, but I wonder if anyone elde has seen this before and could tell me a reason.


ekke said...

how did you build your repository ?

* ant task ?
* headless ?
* from update site using "build all" ?


Thomas Kratz said...

Hi Ekke,

it failed both with pda ant build and product export wizard. No clue why though

ekke said...

hmmm ...
I had some problems where I got too much features or plugins, but it wasn't reproducable for a bug and I hope one of the ReleaseCandidates will work better.
there are some bugs with updatesites, categories, caches etc fixed