Thursday, September 11, 2008

Modular JPA

I had some time thinking about modular databases. There comes wonderful modularity when we work with OSGi, but what about our databases. Think of a server plugin that will need some Tables. It should contribute them in eclipse style to the EntityManagerFactory. As this looks very static maybe we could have an extensible Configuration for the factory. Or has someone an idea how to achieve something like that ?


Frederic Conrotte said...

Problem with "per bundle" SQL schema is validation of the whole schema, when all bundles are deployed.

What if some "cross-bundle" foreign key or constraint are not valid anymore due to renaming for example ?

For Eclipse OFMP I was thinking of still having a monolithic database for persistency of the OSGi environment.

Eclipse OFMP Co Lead

Shaun Smith said...

Hi Tom,

Byran Hunt has been thinking about this problem and perhaps taking an Equinox plugin approach to the problem. Take a look at:


ekke said...

we had already some discussions at EasyBeans about this (s.a.