Monday, January 28, 2008

Remote Collaboration

How many of us leave home on monday and stay in a dumb hotel for the week ? I can't believe it. When I set of in the morning all those business people on the train. I really wonder why its so hard for the customers to do remote contracts. All the open source projects demonstrate us that its working perfectly. And tool support (think of Jazz) is getting better all the time. I made some experience with remote collaboration last year and it was really great. We met every two weeks, we had phone conferences all the time and the rest was up to bugzilla. I do not understand why all those folks outside are willing to do this kind of job. No matter what, you cant give me enough money to stay away from my family all week long. Its just business I know, but if we would simply refuse to do it, maybe the market recognizes ... :)

Xtext first steps

Yep, this weekend I started out a prototype for my domain model generation with XText (part of openArchitectureWare). Up to now I have the JPA Entities/ JavaBeans (Databinding) generated with HiberObjects but as my model grew bigger it came to some limitations in performance and usability. So I had some experiments with UML model, but I was not satisfied as its very annoying to attach all those stereotypes and tagged values needed for JPA generation. So I came across XText and started to build my own DSL for this matter. I had some trouble getting started, as the generator doesn't alwas work nice,had to delete everything and start from scratch many times. Once I had some understanding of the BNF notation Xtext uses I quickly had a simple prototype for declaring JPA entities. As Xtext generates an EMF model from the model script, it easy to build a code generator on that, at least if you have an idea of the Xpand language. So I will put some more work in the language and if everything works as nicely as up to now I will model my domain with the new language and drop Hiberobjects.